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The farm was created in 1939 by the Lanitis family. The Lanitis Group of Companies has a history dating back as far as 1896, when the family left the village of Lania, in the foothills of the Limassol district to come to the town trading in wine products and raisins. The Group over the years has expanded into one of the largest and most prestigious business organisations in Cyprus, involved in agriculture, general trade, banking, tourism and hotels, leisure, construction and land development. Lanitis Farm which is situated 5 kms west of the town of Limassol, on the road leading to the Royal Air Force Base at Akrotiri, is an important member of the above group and one of the largest private citrus producers on the island. Over a period of more than half a century the farm produce has changed a number of times. In the 30s it begun with Olive trees, vegetables and aromatic plants, while at the same time produced honey and milk products from a large herd of sheep and goats. In the 50s it changed to vineyards becoming one of the largest local exporters of table grapes to the United Kingdom. Since the 60s until the present time the Farm is devoted to citrus production. The founder of Lanitis Farm Ltd was N. P. Lanitis. A nature lover, who often said: "Trees are still working while we are sleeping" His words are engraved underneath his statue, at the entrance to the farm offices. LANITIS FARM LTD TODAY Lanitis Farm Ltd is one of the largest citrus plantations on Cyprus. It has a long history and experience in growing, packing and exporting citrus fruit and has succeeded in playing a major role in shaping the economic and commercial strength of modern Cyprus. The farm covers an area of about 3,000 donums of fertile land with citrus plantations of Grapefruit (Marsh Seedless and Star Ruby), Novas (Santinas), Valencia Oranges, Minneola and Mandora. The company operates its own packing house which is one of the most modern on Cyprus. Automated machines size, wash, wax and pack the produce, which is then loaded into refrigerated containers to find its way to the market, in the best possible condition. Thorough, strict quality control of the product from growing to exporting has made the name of "Lanitis" synonymous with excellence. All citrus fruits exported by the company carry the EUREP-GAP CERTIFICATE. Lanitis farm's produce is marked under the LAFAL and COMER trademarks for class I and class II categories of citrus respectively. LAFAL is the most famous brand for supermarket buyers in the U.K. and throughout Europe. The success of Lanitis Farm Ltd., is the result of applying the very latest technology and methods in growing and packing of citrus, offering always the best product the consumer can buy.

Company Information
Year of Establishment 1939
Directors Michalis Mitsingas

Lanitis Farm Limassol

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21 Archibishop Kyprianou Street, Limassol 3036, Cyprus
P.O. Box: 50336
P.O. Box Postal Code: 3603


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+357 25 821 979
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